Agriculture Design System
Design System for the Export Service


Basic principles to create clear and consistent content in the Export Service. Learn how to express, structure and style content that meets users’ needs.

  • Content principles

    Keep these basic ideas in mind to write Export Service content, or any other content.
  • Content structure

    How to organise, separate and format content on a page.
  • Voice and tone

    How to say something in the Export Service and how it should sound to our users.
  • Content styles

    Use our rules on grammar, punctuation and more elements of our preferred styles.
  • Content patterns

    Reusable ways to combine content for common tasks in the Export Service.

About our content guidance

You can use this guidance to create content for the Export Service that is:

  • consistent
  • clear
  • comprehensive
  • accurate
  • accessible.

Our guidance on content will grow as the Export Service expands and changes.

For more help to create content, see How to create guidance in the Export Service.

If you have questions about this guidance or would like to suggest changes, you can contact us at

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