Agriculture Design System
Design System for the Export Service
21st April 2023

AgDS Beta v1.4.1 release

Fixed controlled usage bug in multi-select combobox, added support for xml MIME types in file upload.



  • Fixed controlled usage bug where value and onChange props were not being used/called in ComboboxMulti and ComboboxAsyncMulti (PR #1072)
  • Updated disabled state in ComboboxMulti and ComboboxAsyncMulti (PR #1072)

File upload

  • Added support for application/xml and text/xml MIME types (PR #1071)

Released packages

"@ag.ds-next/react": "1.4.1"

Full changelog

Aside from the complete release notes on the @ag.ds-next website, you can also view the verbose change log in the related PR for this release.