Agriculture Design System
Design System for the Export Service
2nd May 2024

AgDS Beta v1.21.0 release

New Time input and Time picker components, added level 2 support to Progress indicator, plus various bug fixes and improvements.



  • Warn if unsupported maxWidth prop is set.

Combobox multi

  • Warn if unsupported maxWidth prop is set.
  • Add default block value to docs props.

Date picker

  • Fix scrolling to the top of the page on first open
  • Fix consumer’s onBlur function not being called


  • Add mutedOverlay prop so that context with the main page content can be more easily retained


  • Add CornerDownRightIcon icon

Progress indicator

  • Add level two item support
  • Add activePath prop to indicate which step is active, while deprecating isActive

Status badge

  • Remove background colour for subtle appearance

Time input

  • Initial release of component

Time picker

  • Initial release of component

Selectable tables with batch actions

  • Improve guidance

Released packages

"@ag.ds-next/react": "1.21.0"

Full changelog

Aside from the complete release notes on the @ag.ds-next website, you can also view the verbose change log in the related PR for this release.