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Breadcrumbs show a user their location on a website so they can easily navigate to find what they need.

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import { ... } from '@ag.ds-next/react/breadcrumbs';

Breadcrumbs show users where they are in the website hierarchy and how to navigate back/up to previous levels or content. They appear as a row of links, usually at the top of the page.

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		{ href: '#', label: 'Home' },
		{ href: '#', label: 'Establishments' },
		{ label: 'Applications' },


  • display above the current page title (h1)
  • display the current page title in the breadcrumbs
  • match the breadcrumb to full page title
  • use for pages with a large amount of content over more than two levels.


  • shorten breadcrumb labels
  • use for pages with single-level hierarchy
  • use for multistep processes - use a Progress indicator.

When to use the Breadcrumb component

Breadcrumbs are best applied to content pages and should not be used on form flows as they make it easier for users to navigate away from the form.

If you want to keep a user in a flow or to maintain the parent child relationship between two pages use a Back button instead.