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Call to action

Call to action links are interactive UI cues that direct users to other pages.

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import { ... } from '@ag.ds-next/react/call-to-action';
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<CallToActionLink href="#">Sign up</CallToActionLink>

A simple and clear link to direct users to a preferred action.


  • use verbs such as Get help or Learn more
  • ensure the label indicates where the user is going.


  • use inconsistent labels – define the wording for each action and employ across the service
  • write more than 3-4 words per call to action
  • let text run over two lines
  • use for actions such as submitting a form or indicating a changing state
  • use a call to action button if a user needs to go to another page – use a link.


For situations where you need the appearance of a CallToActionLink but the functionality of an HTML button element, you can use the CallToActionButton component.

<CallToActionButton onClick={console.log}>Sign up</CallToActionButton>
  • Direction link Direction links are links which communicate flow to other parts of a page or process.
  • Text link A typographic component for creating hyperlinks.