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Notification badge

Notification badges are visual indicators for numeric values.

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import { ... } from '@ag.ds-next/react/notification-badge';
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<Flex gap={1}>
	<NotificationBadge tone="neutral" value={16} />
	<NotificationBadge tone="action" value={8} />
	<NotificationBadge tone="action" max={99} value={123} />


  • use to indicate numeric values such as message count
  • place next to associated content – for example, Messages (1)


  • change the colours or create new ones

Max values

Use the max property where the count is expected to exceed a reasonable number, and the exact count is not particularly valuable to the user.

<NotificationBadge tone="action" max={99} value={123} />
  • Indicator dot Indicator dots are small, decorative, badge-like indicators used to call attention to an item, such as an unread message.
  • Status badge Status badges are visual indicators used to highlight an item’s status for quick recognition.
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